Blogging Zoom – Hacked!

My absolute favorite social networking site – Blogging Zoom – has been hacked. Courtney Tuttle, author of Courts Internet Marketing School and one of the founders of Blogging Zoom writes about it on his site.

How unfortunate that the success of Blogging Zoom has obviously created jealousies amongst some BZ wannabes. And how unfortunate that people with obvious technical talent misuse the power that they have.

In the end I know that good will prevail and Blogging Zoom will be back stronger than before. Blogging Zoom is a fantastic site designed to support the blogger. The community there is warm and welcoming and very supportive of each other. I have found many interesting sites through Blogging Zoom and have found a group of people that I dont even know that give me encouragement to blog on.

Another site that the hackers have apparently taken down is Vics excellent Blogger Unleashed site (which appears to be back up – yay!). Vic, who is also a founder of Blogging Zoom, dispenses priceless information about making money online. Vic tells it like it is and offers some sound advice for those venturing into the world of blogging.

I wish Vic and Court the best of luck and also a good dose of revenge and justice!